Waltham Forest's Film Society and the campaign to save the EMD Cinema

EMD Cinema: Sold


80-2AThe Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has sold Waltham Forest’s EMD Cinema.

The sale was agreed in November 2014 and completed in May 2015. The cinema site (which includes the Victoria bar and adjoining shops) could potentially be reopened as an entertainment venue, restaurant and pub if planning permission and listed building consent is granted.

A development consortium – which includes the Antic pub chain – will be working with Waltham Forest Council and other partners to ensure an acceptable scheme is devised for this historic site.

In a statement, the McGuffin Film Society said:

“This is the first time in Britain that UCKG has been forced to abandon plans to convert a historic entertainment venue for their activities. We would like to thank everyone in the community who has supported our campaign to save the cinema. As we have always made clear, we will support any prospective new owner who aims to revive this unique venue for entertainment and culture. We can assure supporters that all of us involved in plans for the EMD’s regeneration – including Soho Theatre and Waltham Forest Cinema Trust – will continue working together to secure the cinema’s future”.

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